The reputation of a company can quickly be jeopardized when offensive email or important data is leaked to outside sources. Companies are responsible for keeping their networks clean, and are ultimately accountable for the actions of their employees.

Benefits of Outbound Filtering

Colorado Network Systems' perimeter-based outbound filtering service cleans internal email before it exits a corporate network, reducing the risk of improper routing, incompliant messaging and misuse of company resources.

  • Reduces the chance of regulatory violations and penalties
  • Provides information asset tracking tools
  • Stops abuse of email resources
  • Improves email deliverability
  • Reduces processing load on email servers

Filtering Tools - Attachment Filtering

Large attachments can take a toll on company bandwidth and internal email servers. Attachments are also known to contain viruses and other malicious content, often without awareness from the sender. Colorado Network Systems' Outbound Messaging Service allows clients to create custom attachment guidelines to meet the needs of specific company policies.

  • Blocks the delivery of large, malevolent files
  • Prevents emailing of specific file formats based on company policy
  • Reduce the threats of sending viruses or worms to outside clients, vendors, etc.
  • Filtering Tools - Content Filtering

Improper content can cause liability problems if employees believe the company is failing to protect them from offensive information. Colorado Network Systems' Outbound Message Service provides the tools to monitor the appropriateness of outgoing email against company policy.

  • User defined word and phrase monitoring and routing tools
  • Provides tools to monitor and control for company-sensitive information and its distribution to outside sources
  • Policy violation actions controlled by Administrators (copy, forward, delete, etc...)

Filtering Tools – Disclaimer/Signature Placement

Company emails that contain uniform disclaimers add a layer of protection against legal action. Lack of a disclaimer can open the door to potential liability problems resulting from regulatory violations or breach of contract. In addition, well written email signatures convey professionalism and reliability to outside recipients. Signatures can also be used to relay pertinent contact information such as the company address, website or tagline.

  • Reduces the chance of regulatory violations and penalties
  • Reduces the chance of lawsuits
  • Deters people from seeking legal compensation
  • Increases image of professionalism
  • Getting Started

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